Smooth Chart Spread


The Smooth Chart Spread is a combination of a Alpha Hunters Smooth Minute chart combined with the Alpha Hunters' Last Price Line indicator.

Smooth Charts are a moving average of the Open, High, Low and Last Price. 

What we look for? 

We found that if the last price line is above the Smooth Chart's current bar,  the market is considered bullish. Meaning, on average, the last price is above all the rest, market up!

The reverse for bearish, the last price is below the current bar. 

If you would also like to see this chart in action, you would follow these steps.

How to create a chart that shows this set up.

Load a Smooth Minute Chart from Data Series. The Smooth Minute chart will be in the drop down menu. 


  • Size = Minutes -  Set the "Size"to be the minute chart you wish to display. 
    • We use 1,5,10,15 normally.
  • The "Average" is what average to use for this display. We default us a "3" average.
    • Keep in mind you can change this and see if there are better average, we suggest to stay closer to the market with a 3,4,5 type average.  
  • Set the "Mode" to 1 which will display an average of the LAST price. 
    • The key to this view of the market is to see if on average, the LAST PRICE LINE is above or below the entire previous bar's averages.

Set the chart style to Line on Close.

Add the Last Price Indicator from Alpha Hunters indicator Folder.

The chart should look like this chart below when you are done


Displayed on Market Pulse - 

On Market Pulse, we show these preset setting values on 15 different time frames in the first column.

It is plotted red if negative and green if positive. 

The yellow color means it is 1 point on either side of the zero last price line. 

There is a settings for the yellow back ground color on Market Pulse. 

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