Progressive Trailing Stop


Features / Description:

Could be the first of its kind. You can choose from 1 to 3 trigger trailing stops as the market moves in your favor. The idea is the regular trailing stops do just that, they trail X ticks back and move every X ticks. But what happens if you are 2 ticks from your target and your trailing is 20 ticks back? This does not make sense because the risk to reward ratio just went way out mathematically. The solution is to tighten up your trailing stop every step in your trades favor.

Lock in profits as your Trade progressive Trailing Stop will move your stops and not give back valuable profits.

You do not have to fumble around trying to cancel replace stop orders and quantity anymore, the app knows your current quantity and average price. The app will automatically move your stop orders as the market moves in your favor.

You can be better off because the GFP app knows if you are long or short, and how many contracts you have. It will self-adjust as you add or remove contacts automatically. You can set the function to move your protective stop up the closer you are to your last exit levels to lock in profits progressively.

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