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GoFishPro Max

GoFishPro MAX is an add-on app that runs on NinjaTrader 8.

 GoFishPro MAX was designed to make it easier to trade with fewer human order placement errors. 

What makes GoFishPro Max work for traders? 

  • The ease of order placement to try to get better entry and exit fills.

  • The automatic canceling and replacing of all stops and exit orders as the quantity of your orders changes. No more fumbling around with this task - GoFishPro MAX will do it for you.
  • Know at any moment what dollar loss your stop would create if stopped out?
  • Be able to place stop loss orders based on either the dollar amount of the loss or the percentage of the account balance with one click.
  • Instant tracking of all the profit / loss per trade from start to finish.
  • The actual real-time position tracking price rather than the FIFO clearing method.
  • The easy and accurate stop order placement for entry and exit orders. Spot on!

 *** New - now works on Rithmic

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Go Fish Pro Max Features


Choose any account to trade with.


Choose any market to trade.


Track your current position open/close profit/loss

 Trade Results

Track your trade results for the last 16 trades.

 Go Fish

Automatically improve your position price by 50% or more.

Fast Track Eddie

Automatically scale into as many contracts X ticks better each time.

 Price Advantage / Scalp

Automatically add contracts with automatic exit orders.

 Stop Entry

Use any chart time frame to enter the market using stops.

 Dollar Profit

Take profits on a percentage or set quantity of contracts at X $ dollar profit targets automatically.

 Tick Profit

Automatically reduce your position at set X tick profit targets.

 Tick Stop

Use a stop order to exit orders.

 Progressive Trailing Stop

Set up to 3 separate trailing stop functions.


Close all your working orders and exit the markets.


Reverse your position at any time.

 Break-Even + Ticks

Take profits on your whole position at plus ticks.

 Take 1/2 Off

Take 1/2 of your contracts off X ticks away from the last price printed.

 Close All + Ticks

Close all your contracts X ticks away from the last price.

 Dollar Stop

Set a max dollar stop based on $ dollars.

 Stop Exit

Use a previous bar's high/low as the stop to exit.

 1st Entry / Exit Price

See how your trade performed better.

 Hot Keys

The hot keys make it easy to enter and exit the market at preset values.

 Blanket Buy / Sell

Send up to 12 levels or orders to enter or exit at preset values.

 Trade Data

Send up to 12 levels or orders to enter or exit at preset values.

How Can GO Fish Pro Max Make You a Better Trader?

True Average Pricing

We built Go Fish Pro to show your true average pricing. Not FIFO (First in First Out)

This will show your true average pricing of your current trade, then it resets. 

Trade Results

This will show you in real time every trade results. Gain/Loss - % Percentage of equity - Time in each trade

Go Fish

Be able to average your entry by 50% to 75% each time.

Fast Track Eddie

Be able to automate your entry to stay close to the last price with no effort on your part.

Price Advantage

Buy and Sell above and below your true average entry price to take profits as you trade automatically. 

Enter With Stop

You don't have to fumble around anymore to place these orders, Go Fish Pro knows the exact price and won't make an error. 

Profit Target $ Dollar 

You won't have to fumble around at which level these points are, Go Fish Pro knows in real-time, and will exit when these levels are hit. 

Profit Target (Ticks)

Go Fish Pro knows your true average price and will exit when these adjusted levels are hit. No more guessing.

Tick Stop Loss     

Go Fish Pro knows your true average price and will adjust your stop loss each time you enter and exit orders automatically. No more doing this yourself. 

Progressive Trailing Stops

You can now move your stop up at each profit target your position progressives. 

Close / Reverse

Same as the DOM, just its easy to access on the app. 

Break Even Plus Ticks

Now, you have more control on getting out if you wish to break even, but make X ticks on it. 

Take 1/2 off or ALL off. 

You know have more control trading these levels. 

Dollar Stop Loss

Never drop below your $ dollar stop loss. The app will know this in real-time.

Exit With Stop

Never fumble around trying to figure these levels out, Go Fish Pro knows. 

Hot Key and Blanket Buy/Sells    

Use these functions to enter and exit the market using exact price limits.

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Risk Statement

Futures, Options on Futures and Forex trading involves a substantial degree of risk of loss and is not suitable for all individuals. An investor could lose the entire investment or, in some cases, more than the initial investment. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

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