Dollar Profit


Features / Description:

  • The exit with a $ dollar profit has tons of features. 
  • It knows how many contracts you have. 
  • It knows what the average profit is based on your true average entry price. 
  • It will auto adjust the % percent of contracts to enter every X seconds. 
  • It knows when you are flat.

Benefits / What this means to you? 

Secure profits as the market shifts in your favor automatically. 

Exit the set % of contracts and the exact X seconds. 

As you exit, it knows to adjust your exit % automatically with no effort on your part. You can turn on/off this function while you are in a live trade. You can change the settings as well during any live trade. It will automatically terminate when you are flat.

You don't have to mishandle your orders wondering when and where to exit and how many contracts. The app knows how to exit and knows if you are long or short and what orders to place to lock in profits.

How does the % Profit section of making you better off?

This will make you tons better off because it knows how many contracts you have, what the average per $ dollar profit they are at, and will self auto adjust exit contracts for you based on a percentage of contracts. You will be in more control of your trading rather than trying to constantly figure out your exit price and quantity. GFP also knows your true average price regardless of how many contracts you buy and sell before your exit(s). The % percent and $ amount are niche features you won't find anywhere else.

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