Alpha 04 - Cycle Wave Count


The CycleWave indicator is loaded with option. 

One main function is that it will plots all the Greek Cycles, Trading Cycle Low, and Cycle Counts automatically.

Anywhere the market is within its cycle count, Greek Cycle labels and Walter Bressert's famous Trading Cycle Lows.

You won't have to count bar cycles with the CycleWave indicator, it does it for you automatically.

CycleWave will show you when the market is likely to bottom or top. CycleWave will also show you all the Trading Cycle Lows as they happen. It will start to give you a picture of momentum and reversals.

CycleWave also will display:

  • Cycle Bands for highs and lows - Learn more about cycles
  • Fibonacci Replacements
  • Gann Fan
  • Breakout Lines (swings) - Learn more about swing fades and momentum
  • Speed Lines (Projected Moves)

    Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

Trading Tips using the Alpha Cycle Wave Indicator -

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