7. Copy Over Chart Templates


Copy Chart Templates 

Copy over the chart templates for fast access to the trading indicators.

1. Start Here -  Download Alpha Hunters Chart Templates -

>> Click Here to download chart templates <<

2. Copy the files into the Alpha Hunters Chart templates folder -

  1. Go to your download folder to unzip the chart template file. (Very similar to what we did on the step before)
  2. Double click on chart template zip file to open.
  3. Highlight the files in the folder.
  4. Right mouse click and hit Copy.

The image below shows the location of your download folder. 

3. Paste Alpha Hunters Chart Templates in the the Template Section in NinjaTrader's Folder:

  1. Open File Manager
  2. Go to Documents
  3. Go to NinjaTrader 8
  4. Go to the Template folder
  5. Go to the Chart folder and open it
  6. Paste in the new Chart Template Files.

The image below shows the location of where you will past the chart templates. 

8. Auto Entry Templates