6. Copy Over Setting Files


Copy over setting files -

You will NOT install this zip download file. You will ONLY COPY over the files after you download and unzip the file.

1. Start Here - Download Alpha Hunters App Settings -

This will download to your Download folder, this is where you will go to open and copy the files to past into NinjaTrader. 

>> Click Here to download Setting Files  <<

2. Copy Over Files - 


  1. Open File Manager on your computer.
  2. Go to the Download folder.
  3. File the file, should say “settings” on it. 
  4. Double Click this zip file to expose the files inside.
  5. Click on the files inside and highlight all of them
  6. Right mouse click and select "COPY".

3.Past the files -

  1. Go to NinjaTrader 8 folder.
  2. Click on BIN.
  3. Click on Custom.
  4. Click on AddOn.
  5. In the AddOn folder, right mouse and click past. 
  6. This will past the needed setting files into the folder called AddOn.

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