4. Remove NinjaTrader's Temp Files


Remove NinjaTrader Temp Files -

In the last step, you have removed the older apps, settings and templates, now its time to clean up NinjaTrader 8.  This process is suggested to be done at least once or twice week if not more. 

Remove Temp Files Created By NinjaTrader

  1. Go to The Documents folder again. 
  2. Select NinjaTrader 8 folder.
  3. Find the following folders and delete all the files in each one. NOTE: NT has to be shut down to do this process. Again, just the files in each folder.
    1. Delete Files in Cache.
    2. Delete Files in Log.
    3. Delete Files in Tmp.
    4. Delete Files in Trace.

The image below shows all these folders, Remember, delete the files inside the folder, not the folders.

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